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Sky dish with 8 way octo LNB installed by Aerial Installations and Services, Belfast in Hollywood, North Down, Northern Ireland,
Sky installations require a satellite dish and Sky receiver in your home. Sky provides packages on a contract basis requiring monthly payments to view up to 600+ channels depending on your viewing preference, with additional charges for HD and Box Office events.

Sky HD boxes have a built in hard drive and two tuners giving a pause and rewind facility for live TV, and recording of many hours of viewing along with a On Demand and Catch Up TV service if connected to your Internet broadband.

Sky Maintenance Services

Aerial Installations & Services provides a full maintenance and repair service for Sky installations. We can analyse any problems you may have with your installation and undertake repairs as required.

Multi-room Installations

Extra points for Sky can be run directly from your dish, in which case you will need additional Sky boxes, and a Sky multiroom subscription.

Alternatively, we can connect other TVs from the back of your Sky receiver so that Sky can be viewed in multiple rooms using just one receiver, with substantial savings. Although this means that only one Sky channel can be viewed at any one time, full control of the Sky receiver box can be obtained using a discreet infrared sensor at other positions around the house.

Contact us for all your Sky maintenance and repair requirements.